When you start out in your business, you are all things and it’s only you to manage. You have no-one to tell you how to do things, how long it should take and how much you should make, it’s great! Until it’s not so great…

Managing your time and what you do can cause overwhelm when you have so much on, be everything to everyone you work with whilst also having to manage your admin tasks and do your own sales and marketing – how easy is it to procrastinate on the areas you don’t like and only work on the ones you do.

So, you get a VA to help you, but whether they are freelance or an employee, you have now taken on the job of manager and that opens up a whole new can of worms.

You feel overwhelmed and frustrated, you didn’t get into business to do all of this, you got into business to do what you love, but even that doesn’t bring you as much joy any more as it’s becoming another task that needs to be done and you just can’t cope anymore!

You need someone to do that for you, you need ME!

An OBM (or to give it the full title, an Online Business Manager), is what would be known in a more traditional office as an Office Manager.

They are the right-hand of your business, helping you to manage your team and automate processes, taking away the day-to-day tasks so they no longer drain your time and work with you on the strategy you need to build and grow.

What exactly does an OBM do?

An OBM is not a virtual assistant (see the difference here). They are the ‘go-between’, the person who works as a buffer between you and your team, allowing you the space to work and grow your business.

They can see your business from a different perspective, looking at the ‘big picture’ and helping you to achieve it.

An OBM will be in charge of:

Project Managing – They will set up the project using a project management tool such as ClickUp or Trello to establish the requirements; allowing other team members to see their tasks and manage everyone’s progress.

Operations – Managing your team so that they always know what they need to do and work efficiently, with everything being implemented where needed. They will also liaise with your personal team members where needed.

Metrics – the bane of most CEO’s lives, but a necessary evil. Metrics are needed to monitor how the business is doing and whether changes need to be made. From web traffic to social media, knowing where your numbers come from is important.

How does it work?

An OBM will help you achieve your goals by supporting you to reach those ‘big picture’ goals. They help you to streamline your goals and then manage them for you, with regular meetings and updates so you always know what has been done and what is needed next.

By using an OBM, you can get back to doing the jobs that you love – the reason you got into business in the first place!

Is this just what you need? Why not book a call with me today and let’s have a chat!

Denise Fowler