Why you need a DOO when you’re scaling your business!

If you’re growing your business, then you DEFINITELY need someone at your side.

Support is definitely key for growth and a DOO can be that support that you need.

There is only so far that you can go without support and someone who will help you to scale and achieve the goals that you have set in place.

When you start out, it’s all about growing your business and DOING IT ALL YOURSELF, But as you grow, you can’t manage everything, there really is too much.

As you grow you should scale – and the earlier you do it the better. Don’t wait until you can’t manage your workload before you begin to look for help, get someone in place beforehand so that you have time to train them and show them the ropes.

I recommend getting help right from the very beginning of your business. That doesn’t mean taking on staff and paying out loads of money. In each stage of your business, you will need different types of help. Here are the four types of support you may need:

  1. Starting Up: As you begin, you are doing it all yourself, so the support you need is training – how to use different softwares, how to create your products and services, how to market yourself, there is lots to do. It’s one of the most expensive times in your business as you pay out lots but usually don’t have much coming in yet. But you can find all sorts of free advice out there, just make sure that you take it. For instance, most online software have their own training programs that will help you, such as setting up your email campaigns, creating your client management systems or setting up your course software. You may also require a mentor or support for marketing and social media. While there are again free trainings out there, this is definitely an area that it is money well spent.
  2. Growing: This is where you now have a few clients and can afford to pay for assistance. I highly recommend a VA or admin person at this stage that will be able to take over all those ‘smaller’ tasks that keep you stuck IN your business instead of working ON it. Things like email management, scheduling emails and newsletters, managing tech and onboarding clients. While you’re doing the speaking and sales, they can be dealing with the back-end stuff that can be time consuming.
  3. Scaling Up: As you continue to grow to six figures, you will begin to take on more niched support positions. Maybe a Social Media manager, a Tech VA for all your online software or even an Operations manager or OBM (Online Business Manager) to help organise your projects and team and support you with your own planning. Each member of your team will control their area of expertise and because they will have autonomy over that, you know that everything will be completed without you being the bottleneck. That’s not to say you won’t be included in decision making, etc., but the general running of these things will be dealt with and all without your input – that freedom you dreamed of when you started is getting closer!
  4. Optimising your Business: The ultimate business is one that will run without you should you need it to. At multi-six, seven figures and upwards, you will definitely need that strategic advice that comes with having a high level operator or DOO (Director of Operations) on board. You will have your business optimised and everything is dealt with without you having to be involved at all. You are now the face of your business and enjoy the freedom that this brings

A DOO is someone who is the middle-man for want of a better word. They are the go-to person for your team and deal with the day-to-day responsibilities for your business. They give your team support and guidance in a way that you were not able to with everything else going on. What they give you is your sanity and your time!

When you truly pass over those responsibilities to your DOO, you are able to use your creative mind and come up with programs and ideas that you just didn’t have time to even look at before. You have time to be with your family or have holidays, to go on long walks or learn a new hobby – basically, the dreams on your vision board are there for the taking because you know that your business is in good hands.

Your DOO is also there for you for strategy and being your sounding board for those new ideas that you are having. They are not yes-people, but someone who will look strategically at what you want to do and give you the reasons as to why it would or wouldn’t work or why you may need to wait a short while before going full steam ahead. They become your inner gut

A DOO makes your business run like a well-oiled machine. It helps improve productivity and that means that your business runs with ease. They make sure that your team structure is set up correctly and each team member is working to their best skills. They offer mentorship and support to enable each team member to grow within their roles and gain autonomy and gives you an engaged team that will want to grow further with you – win-win!

Without a DOO or a high-level operator, you are doing this all by yourself. You are trying to scale by doing all the work yourself and this will mean that you will never be able to break through that next barrier in your growth. You will need to check on your team, your financials, make sure that there are no red flags, expenses are contained and that productivity is maintained – do you want to do that?

Your bottom line depends on making sure that there are no gaps in your business – whether that be costs, team members or products. Having someone in your business who specifically manages all of this, while it is a cost it is also a cost saving and will definitely pay for itself as it give you space to increase your sales and making sure that everything in the back-end of your business is optimised and running cost effectively.

If you want to know how a Director of Operations can benefit you further, let’s have a chat.

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