The helping hand you have been looking for...

You need support in your business, but it's not just about getting things done.

You need someone who will support you to achieve your goals, support you with strategy to get there and support you when you need to hear NO!

And that's just what a DOO is for...

Support is a key piece of what we do.  We support you with your team, your ideas, your doubts and your goals.  We create strategy around each area of your business so that you always know the route to take and we enable your team so they know what task to complete and have autonomy to achieve it.

We know you got into business because you love what you do.

You didn't get into business because you wanted to manage a team and sort out all the 'stuff' that comes with that...

You didn't get into business because you like creating SOP's and back-end systems...

And you didn't get into business to live with the constant doubt as to whether you are bringing out the right product or using the right software.

It's not your Zone of Genius.

You thrive in the Imagining, not the Doing.

That's where I come in.

My story, and how it helps you...

From when computers first became a thing, I have loved to play and organise them.  I've done everything from admin to management to running operations and systems.

But I am not a marketer.  You will never find me pointing to something on tik-tok, adding a countdown timer to my sales page or hyping something as a GAME-CHANGER!

Instead I thrive by working in the back end of businesses.

I am their strategist.  I take their 'brain-dumps' and put them into a plan.  I manage their team as well as ensuring that everything flows.  I'm the gatekeeper to allow them space to breath and think, to remove the bottleneck in their business.

So when I say I know how to you, I'm not exaggerating!

Denise-5 tall

I have always loved organising and keeping on top of things - lists are my lifeforce (that and tea!)

Marie Kondo's system is something I aspire to (I already fold all my families T-Shirts like that!).  I truly love systems and processes, but more so, I love to work with visionaries.

You have all the ideas, the dreams and the big goals and I love to take those ideas and go off and create you a plan of action so that you can bring them to fruition.

I want to help you scale your business...

Your Ideas
My Strategy
Your Growth

Think this might be for you?

Book a Power Hour - £145.00

Do you just need someone to help you thrash out an idea?  Are you looking for help to solve a problem?


Then grab a power hour and let's see what we can achieve.

If you need someone to take time to listen to your ideas and give you the space to 'Braindump' everything that is inside your head, I'm here for you

You may think that an hour isn't long, but we really can achieve a lot in that time.

If you think that this is something that would help you, then click the link below, complete the form and let's book in that hour!

Kirsty Knight

" I'd say every single business owner needs to sit down and get clear on all the projects they are currently committed to, and also what they are thinking of starting in the future.  Downloading everything out of your head and into an organised format for each quarter is invaluable... "

Kirsty Knight, Business Mindset & Procrastination Coach

Monthly DOO Retainer Packages - from £960.00 per month

Having ongoing support in your business is a game-changer!


CEO Support - £960.00 per month

If you already have a team and it's running well, but you just need ongoing monthly support, then this is the service for you.

We meet twice a month to discuss your business with the aim of moving something forward.

I will keep you accountable for any work that you want to get completed, or help you through that idea that you want to get out into the world.

I can also help you sort through something that is on your mind or maybe create a strategy for an upcoming project.

Either way, we will use this time to move you forward in your business.

Full DOO Ongoing Retainer - from £1,500 per month:

When you work with me as a DOO on an ongoing retainer, the first three months are about building the foundations of your business.

I always carry out a full Strategic Blueprint with every new retainer client to make sure that I fully understand your business and what you want to achieve so I can best serve your needs.

I work on what's important to you and your business to create an action plan that can be achieved by you and your team and then I work with all of you to make sure that it does just that!

Having someone on board that will create your systems and growth strategies is key to scaling your business.

Dealing with all the back-end processes and making sure that your team works like a well-oiled machine is my forte and I love it!  I'm there to stop you becoming the bottleneck and having to be asked all the questions.  I'm there to give you the freedom and time you need to create and thrive!

What happens when I am there to support you...


You are able to relax and know that you have someone on board that you can trust with the day-to-day running of your business.


You can see clearly how you are going to achieve the goals that you have set yourself and know exactly what steps to take to do just that!


You find yourself with more time on your hands, time to enjoy your life, your family and your hobbies.  You even have more time for your business!

How to get in touch with me...

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like more information.  I'm always happy to talk.

You can reach me via email at or via WhatsApp on +447786803788

You can always find me on Social Media - I use Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram (not Tik-Tok though, 😉 )

Or click the button below to use my contact form.

Denise-105 copy long

I look forward to speaking with you soon!