Help your members love their systems as much as they love their woo

If the members of your paid community need help to plan the back end of their business in a simple and manageable way, then I'm here to help.

You know that...

spiritually-minded business owners love to manifest their dream businesses.  But, you know that the law of attraction only works if they are taking the necessary action their business needs.  Their heads are full of new ideas and plans and they are not always thinking about the back end and what makes their business tick.

As a Certified Director of Operations, I love to support women in business who are stuck.

They have wonderful ideas and a vision of who they want to help.  They love the creativity and the ideas but often don't have the inclination of putting a system in place to achieve them.

It's not their Zone of Genius.

They thrive in the Imagining, not the Doing.

That's where I come in.

My story, and how it helps you...

From when computers first became a thing, I have loved to play and organise them.  I've done everything from admin to management to running operations and systems.

But I am not a marketer.  You will never find me pointing to something on tik-tok, adding a countdown timer to my sales page or hyping something as a GAME-CHANGER!

Instead I thrive by working in the back end of businesses.

I am their strategist.  I take their 'brain-dumps' and put them into a plan.  I manage their team as well as ensuring that everything flows.  I'm the gatekeeper to allow them space to breath and think, to remove the bottleneck in their business.

So when I say I know how to help your community with some great trainings and support, I'm not exaggerating!

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Would any of this help your audience?

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If the answer is Yes, here's how I can help...

The Blueprint for Clarity Masterclass

Based on my Strategic Blueprint Sessions, this masterclass covers all the aspects your members need to create Clarity around their Business Strategy.


From creating their Mission, Vision and Values to understanding the Seven Pillars of business that all organisations, no matter their size, need to keep an eye on.

I cover each pillar so that your community goes away with the knowledge and tools they need to create a 90-day plan of action of their own.

Plus I have a free gift for every member!

Kirsty Knight

" I'd say every single business owner needs to sit down and get clear on all the projects they are currently committed to, and also what they are thinking of starting in the future.  Downloading everything out of your head and into an organised format for each quarter is invaluable... "

Kirsty Knight, Business Mindset & Procrastination Coach

Why do you need this masterclass in your group?

Sometimes, coaches are so focused on ways they can help their clients and community to grow and how they can become a great leader to support them, that they don't always include the fundamentals of a business structure and the strategy that surrounds that.

It's always so important that people know their why, but having foundations to achieve it is imperative and I know that this masterclass will achieve that for you.

The masterclass will last approximately 45 minutes and there will be plenty of time for questions after.  Plus I'm happy to come back and answer some in the group for anyone who couldn't make the live.

Want to know more?  Contact me today and we'll have a chat.

What happens when I guest expert for you...


I make sure that the session full of useful information that your members can take away and implement for themselves.


This is not a sales session - it is about answering your members questions and giving value to your community.


All businesses need systems & strategy and I know that this session will help those that love and hate it in equal measure.

How to book me for a guest expert slot 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like more information.  I'm always happy to talk.

You can reach me via email at or via WhatsApp on +447786803788

You can always find me on Social Media - I use Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram (not Tik-Tok though, 😉 )

Or click the button below to use my contact form.

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I look forward to speaking with you soon!