Is your team costing you money? Why client complaints could be your own fault!

Is this you?

  • constantly getting client complaints or having to tell a client that you are late with your delivery?
  • re-doing work because your team haven’t completed the project or done all the tasks that are needed?
  • never knowing what stage a project is at or constantly checking in with team members to see what they’ve done?
  • you’re always being pulled in different directions and feeling like you can’t get anything done.

You’re getting frustrated with your team and your business! But even though you’re feeling that nothing is working, you know why. It’s because you don’t have the right systems in place, leading to frustration for you, team members and customers alike.

It can be difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing in a project. If communication has broken down, you don’t have an easy way for everyone to see the big picture.

You are the main point of contact! This constant bombardment can be extremely overwhelming and lead to feelings of incompetence or paralysis.

Creating a system for Communication and Task Management can help you take control of your work life. With this one system, you can remove yourself as the point of contact, create autonomy for the team. You give your team the ability to check on the status of a project and know exactly what to do.

I cannot stress how important communications and task management are. Having just one area where you can see all communications is essential to any business. But they can also be incredibly difficult to get right.  

When you do, it frees up your time so that you can focus on more important things.

Although it’s hard and time consuming, you add so much value that it’s a task that should be a non-negotiable!

So here are 3 quick solutions that you can implement immediately:

  1. PICK A SYSTEM. It doesn’t have to be all singing and all dancing, but use something that works for you. This can be a google Doc, Spreadsheet, Project Management tool such as Trello or ClickUp, a group chat in WhatsApp, just make sure that you have something in place.
  2. MAKE SURE YOUR TEAM IS AWARE OF WHAT THE SYSTEM IS AND THAT THEY HAVE TO USE IT. Consistency is key! Your team should update the progress of each task, using checklists where necessary and ensure tasks are complete before handing over. If they are waiting on someone, make sure that they have notified the person concerned.
  3. REVIEW IT REGULARLY. When setting anything up, reviews are important. So, ask the team for their feedback, keep a check on how things are working, is your team finding it easy, what recommendations do they have, can you make something smoother.

It’s often easiest to start with a new service or project to trial, but eventually you can move all your processes over or get someone in your team to do it for you and hopefully, your client complaints will become a thing of the past.

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