First, here’s a little something about me that you may not know…

One of the things that are compelling me to write here each week is my goal to help as many women as possible to simplify their processes and succeed in doing what they love.

I’ve come to realise that for most of the amazing, visionary women out there who want to grow and support others, they become stuck with the sheer amount of ideas that they have, not knowing which one to focus on and where to start when they do narrow it down.

Overwhelm is a big thing for them, they have tonnes of notebooks and lists of all the things they want to do but need someone to come and plan it, tell them the tech they need and help them focus on the steps needed to get started.

Instead imposter syndrome or shiny object syndrome help them procrastinate to getting their gifts out there. It’s a vicious cycle and it can cause them to feel inadequate, which they are not, they are just gifted in areas that are not planning.

There is the unfounded expectation that we have to be skilled at all things in all aspects of our business otherwise we are failures. The truth is, we could soar so high if we just concentrated on using our amazing strengths that make us brilliant, instead of beating ourselves up for not being good at those that aren’t! ~ Denise Fowler

We all have our skillsets, speaking up, holding an audience to share your wisdom in a way that people will listen to you, being present in your groups and social media – that is NOT one of mine, and I’m in awe of all the amazing women out there who can do this, but I have other much needed skills, and how I use them is very different to you!

I joined an amazing cohort of women a short while ago who are all of similar ilk to me, fact finders and organisers, people who take the chaos and create calm and I’m loving it, I found my people!

I had to complete a Kolbe ATM Index Assessment to join this fantastic group and it really surprised me. You see, I’ve always been a doer, an implementer, someone who just gets on with it and does it herself. I would get bored or feel resentment about that and now I realise that is because that wasn’t my skillset, I was meant to be the fact finder, the strategist, and work out the plan for others to implement, this is my natural instincts and now, I’m not fighting against them.

We all have our skills, the thing that makes us do what we do, our happy place – yours is ideas and dreams, mine is helping you achieve that with strategy and plans!

My Kolbe ATM Index is an 8-6-4-2, which sums me up perfectly! If you have a high number (it runs 1-10), then this is where you initiate action, where should spend most of your time if you are free to be yourself. The other end of the scale is how you prevent problems.

My 8 is the ‘Fact Finder’ – who knew? haha. This is how I gather and share information. I am specific, detailed and want to make sure that I have all the facts before I proceed – This drives my husband insane as he has a very low fact finder index and likes things simple and quick, the kind of person who doesn’t use the instructions to put together an Ikea bookcase! You can see, it’s not about being right or wrong, but I know where my strengths lie, my skillset, so I can use this to my benefit.

My 6 is the ‘Follow Thru’ This is how I organise and design, how I am going to systematise whatever I am working on – I can get lost here if I’m not careful as I love planning things out. Knowing that this is one of my strength really allows me to use it as I should and to limit my time so I don’t spend all day ‘playing’ here (I know, you are probably thinking I’m mad and you couldn’t think of anything worse, but hey, we can’t help what we love to do and being different is what makes the world go round!)

My 4 is the ‘Quick Start’ – How I deal with risk and uncertainty, I need more details, the how, the why, the implementation method before I will move forward, but those with a high Quick Start will be the ideas people, those who want to get going, to innovate and get their dreams out there. I love working with these amazing women as the synchronicity is perfect – they dream and build and I make those dreams a reality!

Lastly, my 2 is the ‘Implementer’ – It’s how I handle the tangibles. I always thought that this was where I should live. I was a doer, a person who had to get on with things because, well, no-one else was capable. I did everything, all the DIY, the housework, the business building, the finances… I was capable, but it was making me so bitter. I resented having to do it all, but I wouldn’t let go, I ‘believed’ this is where my skills lay so I had to use them. Just learning that they don’t lie here was a gamechanger for me. Now I envision what is to be done so that it can be implemented.

Clarity and Collaboration are key to moving your business forward – Clarity to understand your skills and innate strengths and Collaboration to enable you to use the skills of others for the areas that are not.

Do you want to know what your Kolbe ATM Index is? You can take the assessment here if it is something you want to find out more about (this is NOT an affiliate link). By the way, whatever your index, it is, it’s perfect! It’s not about pigeon-holing you and telling you about your failings, it’s about knowing where your strengths lie so that you stop beating yourself up trying to do something where your strengths don’t lie – it’s not that you can’t, it’s just that it doesn’t light you up!

Send me an email and let me know what your index is, are you an Implementer, a Quick Start or are you like me, a Fact Finder?

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