Do you really know what your client’s challenge is, or are you deciding for them?

I know, when I first started out, I didn’t really know what my clients needed.

I ‘presumed’ that they were like me, tired, wanting more time and to be with their families, needing someone to help to get them organised.

And I was right, to an extent! Most of my clients DID want those things, but they were wrapped up in different ways that were personal to them, so when I spoke about these things, they didn’t really hit the spot with my chosen market.

This is a mistake that so many new businesses make – they ‘decide’ for their clients what they need, instead of doing the groundwork to find out their real pain points, what it is that they are searching for, that would really light them up and come to you for help.

So, how do you make sure that you are targeting your marketing with the right questions?

  1. ASK THEM! If you already have clients, ask them! When you speak to them next, ask them what help do they need, what are they struggling with, etc., they will be honest.
  2. Send your clients a questionnaire. This can be sent out to previous clients too, really ask for their feedback on what they felt was the best thing that you did for them, what really helped and also what didn’t.
  3. No clients yet? Then ask in groups that you are a member of, add a questionnaire for the people in the group to respond to (always check, some groups do not allow this).
  4. Post the questionnaire to your business page or your feed, encourage people to complete it with a freebie and DON’T ask for contact details so that you get more uptake.

The bottom line is, you never know what people are struggling with until you ask them, so stop presuming, take that leap and ask!

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