Are you being the CEO of your business? Here’s how to create a CEO day and allow you to wear your own 80’s power suit!

Being the CEO of your business… It’s a big topic at the moment and a term that is bandied about a LOT. But is it something you are being in YOUR business?

I know that I hid away from this in the beginning. CEO (Chief Executive Officer for those not in the know) is such a corporate term. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think that I was worthy of such a title.

That’s because the reality is that it IS for corporations, not for small businesses. If you look at the definition of a corporation, it is a legal entity that structures a company into something beyond a sole proprietorship or partnership and the CEO is the highest ranking executive in that company, be it a member of the board or the owner of the business. 

So you can see why it always had connotations to me of big corporate. Wearing power suits and not having a life – definitely NOT what I wanted to be.

But it’s so much more than that – that thinking was keeping me small!

Now I see why it should be adopted by every small business out there. But how do we become the CEO of our business?

It’s not about being corporate or definitions or even having a board of directors – it’s about mindset!

Whether you are a self-employed solopreneur or a limited company, YOU are at the helm of your business. You want it to grow so you can help more people, you want it to succeed so you can keep and expand your team and you want to nurture it because it is your baby.

You run a business, You are it’s leader, YOU ARE THE CEO!

I am so used to telling people that my Strategic Blueprint method is the system used by big and small companies alike, corporate companies like Google and Microsoft need the same foundations as a fledgling businesses just starting out. But what I didn’t think about is that it’s the same when it comes to the structure and hierarchy of a small business too.

If you have the mindset that you are a CEO from the start, you will live up to that. You will make decisions, lead from the front and step into that power and vision.

Think about it!

The truth is, just because someone says that it’s for corporations, doesn’t mean that we can’t adopt into our businesses too!

Stepping into our power is also something that is used a lot. Let’s BE that power in our own business and claim that title of CEO. Let’s make it our own and just run with it (you can wear the power suits if you want 😉)

So how do you step up and structure a sure-fire way to start claiming that title of CEO? The CEO Day!

So what is a CEO Day? Usually, it is time each week where you do those tasks that will take care of your business. It’s time to step away from helping your clients. It’s doing those things that will not only keep your business ticking over, but will propel it forward

It is a really fantastic way for you to be accountable and assess everything that needs to be done. To slow down and get organised away from the everyday tasks that come up in your day-to-day work.

I know it’s hard to step away, but it’s really important to add time to the diary as a non-negotiable. But it also has to work for you. You could start off small and take a couple of hours each week and build up from there. As long as you diarise the time and make sure that you turn up and be intentional at the time.

So, what is involved in a CEO Day?

  1. First, pick a day that works best for you where you are going to be more energised. This may be a Friday for you, so you can finish things up for the week. But beware, you may be too tired at the end of the week to really step into your CEO. You could instead try a Monday morning. It’s a great way to start the week off on an intentional note. Only you will know what works for you and it may be trial and error in the beginning.
  2. Some of the things that should be included are:
    1. Finances – incorporate your Profit First payments, get your receipts together, read reports that you want to review. Knowing your finances is so important and is often one of the biggest things that my clients avoid. They can see the income coming in, but have no idea what is going out and how profitable they are. It’s also a good time to review what you are paying yourself too.
    2. Go through the operations of your business. Make sure that you have updated and tidied up any documents, projects, etc., into the right place. Include software that you use to maybe record videos or create images. Not good at organising these? Then ask your team to do it weekly. If you don’t file documents properly, create a folder where your team know you put things and they can organise them for you. It’s not just about doing all the work, it’s about creating systems that work for you.
    3. Check your project management software to see if you have reviewed everything. Not got a project management tool? To me, this isn’t optional, you need one! If you work with a team or projects, It’s the best way to manage them. Unsure of what to use? Try Trello for ease, but there is also ClickUp, Asana, Monday, the list goes on! Being organised is key to stepping up to CEO, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.
    4. Content writing is something I love to put off. But now I set aside time to write and it’s been a game changer for me. Marketing and Visibility are NOT my strong points, so allocating time was a must.
    5. Self-development. We all know we should do this. We might even pick up a book and read the first chapter, then put it down for the next shiny object we’ve seen. (I would NEVER do this! 😉). We’ve all brought a new course but never completed it. Or started a challenge and only done the Day 1 intro… It’s important to always be learning and developing ourselves, as well as finding out what is new in our industry. Again, set aside specific time for this. You can do it in your CEO time or at another time of the day.
    6. Contacting other businesses is a great thing to do as part of your CEO day. Connection is key to growth and putting yourself out there. Offering to teach in someone’s group or speaking on their podcast can be hugely beneficial to you.
    7. Review your goals and make sure that you are always on track to hit them. I love to backward plan to know what steps to take. You just take the end result and then working backwards to find the steps needed to reach it. Seeing where you are on that journey and knowing what steps to take next is key.
  3. Something else I highly recommend is to review where you are personally. A great way to do this is to look at your Wins, Challenges, Lessons and Intentions for the following week. You should always celebrate your wins. It helps cement your expertism (is that a word, if not, it should be?) Reviewing these is a great way to pick yourself up when you are having a bad day too. Look at your challenges and stop beating yourself up about them. Have you dealt with them? Is there anything else you can do to stop them happening again? Which leads me nicely onto lessons. Learn from your mistakes or that of others. You can also learn from the great things that happen and look to encourage more of them. If you’ve seen something, somewhere that you could avoid or you would love to incorporate, take note and use that as a lesson for improvement. We can always improve. Lastly, set your intentions for the week ahead and review them daily.

So you’ve planned out your CEO Day – what next?

Go treat yourself for getting all that done! Go out for a coffee and cake, have a facial, meet with friends, whatever your jam is. Make it fun and celebrate that you have moved your business forward again. Give yourself time to slow down and become the best leader you can be! 

It’s a great way to overcome overwhelm and to start recharging and looking after yourself.

Being all things to all people is impossible, yet, as women, we try to be that all the time.

As caregivers, we often put ourselves last and don’t even take care of our basic needs. It’s not just about money and not paying for ourselves. We also give up our time and energy to make sure that everyone else is catered for first.

We may over give to our clients, our family and those around us. Instead, we should be looking to recharge our own cup for or personal health. This also affects our emotions, our mentality and even our spirituality. We need to make sure our cup is full so that we can then support others from a place of service, rather than a place of obligation.

It’s about setting your boundaries to make sure that your needs are also met.

It’s NOT about procrastination! Stepping away just because you want to avoid doing something is not a reason to take a rest. Only you can be honest with yourself about this and notice the difference.

Recharging our batteries, making sure that we support ourselves as well as everyone else around us. It’s one of the hardest things you can do as a woman. It’s in our genes to support, to be there for others. We can often self-sabotage our behaviours by over giving and over serving. It’s easy to not leave time to spend on ourselves and our business.

But the truth is, you are not alone. You can ask for help and you can get the support you need to be able to recharge yourself. You can make yourself stronger and be more inspired to really push yourself. You really can take your business to the place it deserves to be.

Take the time to invest and take care of yourself. This is not a selfish act, despite the years of programming that we have had to the contrary. Everyone benefits when you are at the top of your game.

So, have that nap, that walk, that break, that call with friends and family that you know will make you laugh out loud and feel your batteries recharge. You will feel so much better for it.

Think all of the above is great and want to download my new CEO Day Strategy Workbook?

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