Hi there, I’m so glad you’re here…

I’m Denise and as I’ve said previously, I’m here to take charge of your operations procedures, making them work for you profitably, efficiently, ethically and consistently!

I really do love all things systems, I love how they free up time and I am here to show you how you can use them to reclaim your time and energy, focus on your goals and grow a profitable business.

A bit about me… I’m a tea person, I don’t mind coffee, but tea is my lifeforce. A strong, builders tea with one sugar and I’m happy (I know, but it’s my only vice!) I’m married with two children and now have two amazing grandchildren too, who I adore. I also love motorsports, I’m an avid fan of Formula 1 and when it’s on, you don’t get much sense out of me as I’m cheering on the overtakes or the underdog (and obviously willing Lewis Hamilton to win!).

I began my business in 2019 as a Virtual Assistant, with the idea to support businesses and solo entrepreneurs with their operational needs.

Having worked with new and existing SME’s for over 30 years and owning two businesses myself, I understands the commitment and desire to succeed that is involved in running any enterprise.

Not everyone loves Technology, it is a necessary evil for some.  Realising this, I have honed my services to work with Female Trainers, Coaches and Mentors who struggle to get on board with technology. I look to provide support and understanding, allowing you to pass everything on to me, or learn as you go.

This is something that I love to do. I’m a bit of a geek and intuitively playing around with systems, setting up a project management tools and creating landing pages is fun to me (I know, but I did warn you I’m a geek!).

I also understand that the concept of outsourcing work can seem daunting to most people.  How do you get started?  What if you chose the wrong person?  Will you need to train them?

Of course, there is always a learning curve when you start working with someone new, but I aim to make it as painless as possible. Having a free, 30- minute discovery call at the start allows you both to begin building the trust and connection needed to work together and grow your business.

So let’s book that call so I can see how I can best support you with your requirements.