7 reasons you need to set boundaries, communicate them to your clients and then stick to them!


We’ve all got them, but what exactly are they and how are they associated with your business?

For me, they are your values and defining what it is that you need to be able to do to fulfil your role.

We all know where we struggle in business and those clients that just create conflict with us, but being over worked and under appreciated could be where you haven’t set appropriate boundaries.

Mutual respect comes from them respecting your boundaries and you respecting theirs.

It’s not easy to do as we , but I’ll give you some help to set yours.

So, why are they important? Here are 7 reasons that I believe it is important to set clear boundaries in your business and STICK to them so that you can have healthy, mature, client relationships.

  1. Live Your Best Life: There are many things that you need boundaries for, but if you want to do things on your terms and live your life authentically, then you have to set them so that your ideals and values come first. Be clear on what you want to do, when you want to do it and how you want to achieve it. This is the biggest key to start the process in developing your boundaries well.
  2. High-Performing Relationships: When you feel in control of your working environment, you feel empowered. Working with someone who respects you and your boundaries means that they will respect and communicate well with you. It’s so important to have that kind of working relationship that brings out the best in both of you.
  3. Work-Life Balance: Knowing where you stand with your clients means that you can have a work-life balance – isn’t that what we all crave? Setting your hours and contact times will mean that you are working to your best ability. When you over-provide or work outside of your
  4. Manage your Mental Health: Working outside of these ideals means that you will become stressed, overworked, tired, resentful, angry, bitter… the list goes on. Mental health has come to the fore more and more in recent years and companies are changing the way they work so that they can help their employees be the best they can be.
  5. Focus and Productivity: Everyone’s boundaries will be different, for instance, knowing your working times and sticking to them with your clients will immediately mean that you are fully committed and be focused directly on their needs. This in turn leads to better productivity, so making sure you are not working in chaos is important.
  6. Less Client Turnover: If you go into a client relationship knowing where you both stand, then you will stay connected, there will be less turnover because everyone is on the same page. Again, communication is key to respecting each others boundaries and enjoying what you do.
  7. Avoid Misunderstandings: I’ve banged on about it all the way through, but Communication is the final step in making sure your boundaries are adhered to and there are no misunderstandings of when you will be working, what you will do, etc. How can you expect someone to uphold your boundaries if you do not tell them?

You can see how vital setting those boundaries can be!

So, how do you go about it?

Firstly, think back to when you have had a bad relationship with a client or with an employer

  • What were the struggles you had?
  • What misunderstandings were there?
  • Was it an open relationship?

Once you have that, it sets the guidelines of what you want to do differently and what you want to include in your boundaries, so it really is a great exercise to get done.

Then take all the other things that you want, your goals, your values, and put them into your boundaries – things like when you are available for communications, how long it takes you to get back to people, holiday working, days off, etc., and come up with a statement for each area that you want to convey to your clients.

Make sure you include your values. What you stand for and telling people about them, means that you won’t end up working for someone who doesn’t live by those values and therefore won’t create misunderstanding and stress.

Still stuck?

Then download my Boundaries Template to get some ideas of what to include.

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