4 steps on the best way to onboard your clients with Dubsado

When encountering enquiries from new leads and beginning that all-important relationship with a new client, it’s really important to make a great impression right from the start. For the sake of your own sanity, it’s also a very good idea to automate the process as much as possible. The good news is, Dubsado can help you do both of these things!

In the last blog I talked about setting up Dubsado to work for your business. This time I am going to show you a step-by-step process in managing a new client relationship using Dubsado.

Managing a new client relationship, step by step

Step 1

Upon contact: Send out an automatic branded email offering a short discovery call and containing a booking link to your calendar as soon as a new prospective client contacts you with an enquiry about your services.

Step 2

Before the discovery call: Once a discovery call has been booked, automatically send out a link to the call and a questionnaire for the enquirer to fill in ready for your meeting. Then automatically send out reminders 24 hours before the call and 1 hour before the call.

Step 3

After the discovery call: Send a follow-up email containing details of the discussion you had during the call, or a link to the recording if you made one. This email should also include details of the next steps to take, including a link so that they can book your services if they would like to.

Step 4

Upon booking: Automatically send out a branded Welcome Pack containing electronic contract for the client to sign and return, an invoice and links to your payment system, information about how you will work together and links for booking future meetings with you. The sequence above is an ideal situation when there is a clear flow from one process to another, but sometimes a client will require more time, and it is important to stay in touch between these steps too. This is where you can really stand out. With targeted, automated emails that show you as an expert and that don’t bombard your potential client, you can remind them that you are there and pique their interest to work with you.

And once you are booked, DON’T FORGET STEP 4!

A welcome pack containing your working pattern, how they contact you, etc. is vital – set your boundaries early on in your relationship with your client to negate any issues further down the line.

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