Hey! I'm Denise

I help spiritually-minded female business owners and CEO's move from frustrated and swamped to organised and excited by managing their teams and streamlining their operations, enabling them to scale their businesses and have the freedom they desire.

I know it's a cliché, but I’m really passionate about what I do!

I've made it my mission to help female CEO's remove overwhelm.  To help them find their own passion again and to create an action plan to move forward so they can grow and thrive.

I've built my business around my client's needs.  I know that they are looking for the clarity of what to do next and the freedom from needing to do it themselves.

But how? 

Freedom and Clarity are where I begin.  I look at what is needed and then build the plan from there, to make the biggest impact for you!

About me

I can honestly say that 40 years of being in the corporate world has taught me a lot and brought me to this point in my life!

The skills and knowledge I have gained during that time were purpose-made for my role now as a Director of Operations!

From being an office manager with absolutely no autonomy to setting up and running new systems with no training, just left to sink or swim, the corporate world is a harsh place and you either grab hold of the reigns and grow or you stagnate and survive. 

I'm so glad I am no longer in that world.  Now I get to be the strategic partner to women who value my input and give me autonomy over my actions - together we don't just survive - WE THRIVE!

If you're looking to thrive, let's have a chat...

Denise was absolutely fabulous. She exceeded all my expectations. Professional, organised with a perfectly curated strategic map to help organise my messy brain.

Kirsty Knight

Kirsty Knight, Business Mindset & Procrastination Coach

Free Resources

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